A good idea deserves the best possible strategy so that the full potential of the project can be explored. Drug development is a challenging and complex task and many problems and hurdles will occur along the way. In drug development, you need to understand early on what your drug should deliver. You also need to remember that plans are there to be changed, revised and updated, as the environment and patient needs will change. A good structure will make these changes easy, leaving you to focus on the right tasks to take your projects forward.

Project Planning

  • Strategic Plans – In close collaboration, we develop a project plan with defined milestones and a clear focus on the end goal.
  • Target Product Profile (TPP) – A powerful tool in project management. Ensures full focus on the goal over time. This is also a useful tool in interactions with regulatory authorities and potential investors.
  • Platform of Evidence (PoE) – A useful tool to obtain a clear overview of available data as well as identify the gaps. Provides a basis for risk analysis and risk mitigation plans. It also helps in the identification of critical experiments to mitigate the identified risks.
  • Translational Medicine Plan (biomarkers & personalized medicine) – Integrates all aspects of translational medicine for your project, and provides clarity and line-of-sight. For example, the translational medicine plan will help you integrate biomarker and patient stratification needs in order to integrate your different needs and perspectives into your experimental plan.
  • Preclinical Safety Evaluation plans – A safety plan helps you to foresee and mitigate potential risks, and can markedly increase the value of your project.

Project Leadership

  • Strategic & Operational – We take an active part in the project team, with full commitment.
  • Outsourcing Management – We coordinate outsourcing activities and if needed recommend the best possible partners for your specific needs.


  • The idea, will it fly? – We help you evaluate your ideas, including feasibility aspects. We identify the critical steps and the potential for your project to reach the market.
  • Sharpen your message – We review your presentation material to ensure that your project is perceived in the most positive way.

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    Great science is not enough to create a successful life science company. It is a complex and often long way from idea to a product that will bring benefit to patients and revenues to the investors.

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