Inhalation is of relevance for all therapeutic indications where systemic exposure is desired. There are multiple advantages with inhalation such as rapid onset of action, lower dosing, avoidance of first pass metabolism and potentially fewer side-effects.

Truly Labs has extensive experience of delivery to the lung and offers a wide range of technological solutions and experimental settings for inhalation studies. We have capabilities to conduct single and repeated dosing, using whole-body or nose-only inhalation exposure. Truly Labs is a member of the Medicon Valley Inhalation Consortium and can facilitate access to a broad range of services related to inhalation from early drug discovery to clinical development.

Examples of Studies

  • PK (exposure)
  • PD (effect)
  • Acute toxicity and lung irritancy
  • Lung deposition and distribution

All of above examples can be performed using single- or repeated dosing.

Available readouts

  • Local and systemic biomarkers
  • Local and systemic exposure
  • Lung pathology
  • Respiratory pattern
  • Aerosol characterization incl. partical size

Administration techniques

  • Intranasal delivery
  • Intratracheal instillation
  • Nose only exposure
  • Whole body exposure

We can also offer

  • In vitro

    Truly Labs offers a wide range of in vitro services including Cell-based Assays such as Mode-of-Action and efficacy assays, and Biomarker Analysis.

  • In vivo – Imaging

    Truly Labs preforms imaging studies using different modalities incl. optical imaging, CT, MRI and PET.

  • In vivo

    Truly Labs provides a number of different animal models and technologies.