Susanne has a background as Biomarker Specialist in small molecule and antibody projects within Pharma Industry, has long experience of inflammation, allergy and respiratory diseases from industry and academia, and has also a MSc in Clinical Pharmacy.

Susanne has broad experience of drug discovery and translational science from nearly 10 years working as Biomarker Specialist within AstraZeneca and MedImmune. In this role she designed biomarker plans for proof-of-mechanism and proof of principle for phase I and II clinical studies and worked closely with the clinical organisation. She further developed and validated biomarker and cellular screening assays using a variety of techniques such as protease activity, flowcytometry, and multiplex immunoassays (Luminex, MSD, ELISA).

Susanne has also gained broad experience of working with primary cells (eg. blood cells, sputum cells, HUVEC) and clinical samples. She has a Ph.D in Respiratory Medicine at Lund University, followed by a post doc session working on granulocyte activation in COPD and has also worked with alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency in an academic group.

In addition, Susanne has a MSc in Clinical Pharmacy and recently worked 3 years at Swedish Pharmacies as “Leg. Apotekare” gaining broad knowledge of therapy guidelines, regulations, prescription patterns and patient perspective on drug use. Susanne joined Truly Labs in October 2017.